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Why Seabird International

Unlocking Global Opportunities: The Seabird International Advantage

Seabird International has been a leading force in revolutionizing international education and immigration since its establishment in 2007. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our five branches across Punjab and two international branches in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Our organization's mission is to help students realize their dreams of studying at international universities and becoming successful leaders. We strive to overcome any obstacles in their path by bringing in qualified experts with certifications such as Canada Course Graduate, Australian Qualified Education Agent Counsellor, Education New Zealand Trained Agent, and Qualified Professional Development Programming in Promoting UK EDUCATION, among others.

Empowering Educational Journeys:

Seabird International's Trusted Network of Centers Facilitating Seamless Global Connections and Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Seabird International is more than just a network of educational centers; it's a global community united by a shared vision of empowerment and mutual understanding. Join us on a journey of discovery, where every interaction is an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with the world around us.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us for B2B Process:

“We offer payment after visa choices so that students can ensure visa without any hassle”

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Decades of experience in immigration services with a great success ratio.

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Global Reach

Offices and partners worldwide for seamless processes.

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Custom Solutions

Tailored services to meet your specific B2B needs.

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Strict adherence to international immigration regulations.

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Working with transparency for clear communication.

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Lucrative Commissions:

We offer payment after visa choices, ensuring a hasslefree process for students.

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Empowering Student Success

Our Key Features Enhancing Your Educational Journey

  • Students only need to open an account with us.
  • All payments are made after the visa for the UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • Easy process without any hassle.
  • UK- Study Visa- Tuition fees expenses+ living expenses+ Embassy Fees
  • UK With Spouse - Tuition fees expenses+ living expenses for both + Embassy Fees for both
  • We only charge our Processing Fees after Visa (T & C apply)

Residence Visa