Soft skills is a term that deals with the bunch of characters, social charm, communication skills, personal behavior, openness, and confidence that describe relationships with other people. Soft skills balance the hard skills that are the professional necessities of a job and many other activities.


  1. We are teaching our students certain important aspects of English and help them gain more confidence in English language and its details.
  2. Seabird is providing very good faculty for English and all the material which is required for English including speaking and writing.
  3. In the spoken Soft Skills Training we will teach you grammar of English and its usage, writing English &speaking English with good ideas, vocabulary fluency and pronunciation.
  4. The Soft Skill Training course will include ‘ Personality Development’ skills, body language, removing stage fear, presentation skills, interview techniques, to be in touch of the current affairs- News reading and discussion on daily basis.
  5. At seabird we take the complete responsibility of teaching the spoken English and help you master your English language comprehension skills.
  6. Besides the academic class, we have regular spoken English batches for the professional and job will help them to gain more knowledge of English for their jobs or business and they will be groomed in English language skills, building of personality skills.
  7. At seabird, to improve the audio & visual skills on every Saturday, students are shown some knowledgeable and inspirational English documentaries at our ‘theatre’ as we have introduced fun with learning.
  8. ‘Guest Lectures’ are being organized by the organization for the motivation and inspiration to the students as the ‘guests’ will deliver lecture with quite useful information and sharing some experience upon their lives.
  9. Also, students and professionals are being updated with the latest visa information, so that they can pursue their higher education overseas and can get good platform for their career. They are motivated to be career oriented.