Soft skills Training   

Soft skills training trains an individual how to communicate and behave with the others. Soft skills exhibit the relationship of an individual with others. Soft skills assist in teaching how to be polite and also have a fundamental knowledge of social etiquettes.

What is the need for soft skills?

  • Soft skills are essential for all. Soft skills play a pivotal role in socializing with the others.
  • Soft skills are vital for the students when they prepare for the college or get a job in the company.
  • There are 5 skills that are important after the completion of the studies. These skills are leadership, interpersonal skills, time management, collaboration, communication and problem solving.
  • Soft skills’ training includes projects, role plays, quizzes and other sessions.
  • Soft skills training helps in improving the comfort level of the students and also the human potential.

Seabird International Makes Use of Various Techniques for Soft Skills Training

Seabird trains the students in vital aspects of the English Language and helps them get immense confidence in the English Language.

Seabird has got a great faculty for the English Language

We teach you English grammar and its usage, pronunciation and fluency

Soft skills training course includes the personality development skills, body language, interview techniques, presentation skills, discussions and news reading on a daily basis.

The students are shown audio and visual skills and also English documentaries that have learning and fun.