Online Classes For OET in india

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Online Classes For OET in india

Online Classes For OET in india

We have been helping health Professionals Successfully Prepare for OET.

OET is a Exam of choice for health professionals as you can use your prior knowledge and medical vocabulary to help you pass this exam. why do a general exam? Which is specific to your profession?

At seabird internal we have planned course to help you successfully pass this exam. There are Many advantages of studding Online Classes Of OET with Seabird Online.

For Writing We have grammar & Vocabulary session. Which will help you develop skills to write Letter with intro, body paragraph and conclusion.

You will learn how to analyze case notes and to select relevant info and ignore non-relevant info and you can also develop skills to summery and paragraphs effectively.

Included in the requirements for registration to practice as registered health professional Worldwide, Overall health professionals from non English communicating backgrounds must pass the OET. The OET pertains to the various prevailing health professionals which include medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, Physiotherapy, veterinary, Occupational therapy, dietetics, Radiography.

Online Course is design to help students prepare for OET as it is the one of the test which meets the English Requirement for registration in a health profession.

Course Offered by Seabird International Emphasis on Providing Student a Clear, Logical and perspicuous understanding of the exam and its requirements “through the integrated approach towards learning.

Great Consideration of attention is given towards productive exam strategies. time based practice of each module and full mock test are held regularly.



  • One to One Lessons with flexible lesson times.
  • Writing Correction, grading and trainer feedback.
  • Audio files for listening and speaking as well.
  • Study anywhere , anytime at your own place.

SEABIRD INTERNATIONAL offers preparation courses for both tests and is able to support students in whichever path they choose to gain nursing registration in Australia, New-Zealand or Singapore



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